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Select Shoes for Flat Feet Deformities and Order in Bulk or Retail


This section presents model samples of recommended therapeutic shoes for flat feet. All shoes are certificated and sewn from quality materials according to specially designed drawings. You can order shoes for flat feet from us by the gross and we will arrange the delivery of your order.

Wearing orthopedic flatfoot shoes is an important part of a treatment program that is prescribed by a doctor along with gymnastics and massage. Wearing special shoes helps avoid the development of complications and removes negative impact on the locomotor apparatus. It is noticed that in the early stages of flatfoot, shoes help correct the identified deformation.

Features of orthotics for flat feet for children and adults:

  • Presence of insoles with arch supports, designed for both longitudinal and transverse flatfoot.
  • A special shoe heel that supports the heel and arch of the foot.
  • High heel counter.
  • Natural materials of shoe top: leather or suede.

With such shoes as in "OlviShoes" flatfoot is no longer a final sentence. Complete recovery from this condition is not always possible, but you can really alleviate the consequences for yourself and for your baby. Various designs of children flatfoot shoes allow you to forget the special purpose of your footwear thanks to their modern appearance, bright and classic colors, excellent industry leather and high quality of other sewing materials.

"OlviShoes" offers shoes to wholesalers and also cooperates with retail buyers. Product delivery may be negotiated individually if needed. Simply contact us to find out about available options.

You may address any questions regarding selection and purchase of shoes to our support team or call our phones which you may find at the top of our website.

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