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Clubfoot Prevention and Treatment Using Special Orthopedic Shoes

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Here you can see all goods available in "OlviShoes" online showroom which are related to correction of clubbed foot deformity. This section presents footwear from known Ukrainian manufacturers which have proven themselves among orthopedists and parents and earned a lot of positive reviews. You can order all the assortment from us by the gross.

Club foot shoes are prescribed by doctors along with massages and exercises to correct deformities, prevent further development of disease and any complications such as back problems and problems with leg joints. Various types of shoes are produced to help children with clubfoot – each for different forms of this condition. Club foot is a congenital deformity involving one foot or both. The affected foot appears to have been rotated internally at the ankle in the form of an elevated heel or deformed shape of the forefoot. This case often involves surgical treatment and special footwear is used for rehabilitation.

The main purpose of footwear worn during club feet is fixation of the foot, giving it a normal position from an anatomical point of view. Children with such a diagnosis before using special shoes may complain about fatigue in legs when walking or running while special shoes and sandals make them feel better.

Orthopedic footwear is sewn from quality materials: leather and suede fabrics. Soles are often made of foam rubber (EVA) or plain rubber. Goods from suppliers which are presented in our catalog are certified so parents can rest assured that shoes ordered from "OlviShoes" will be effective.

We should also note multiple model designs and wide selection of colors. Now therapeutic club feet shoes can not only be useful, but also attractive.

At "OlviShoes" we are working with retail and wholesale customers and our proposals will most definitely interest you. Delivery options are very flexible and can be discussed directly with our sales managers.

For detailed advice on various issues, please call the manager or email us.

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