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Flat Feet Prevention

Reventing And Treating Flat Feet With Orthopedic Shoes

Flat feet deformities can be prevented if necessary comprehensive actions are taken in time. Timely visits to the orthopedist are quite important, as well as wearing orthopedic shoes and doing gymnastics. We should elaborate on these more.

Профилактика и лечение плоскостопия

Control over spine and feet development

Flat feet can be caused by several reasons: congenital predisposition, neurological problems, weight gain, lack of vitamin D (rachitis), incorrect foot posturing during walking. Each of these states may manifest at different times, so regular orthopedic checkups are important.

The first time a child is examined by a doctor is during the first month of age. At this time, it is already possible to determine the pathology in congenital skeletal development. The following two examinations should be scheduled for 3 and 6 months - it will allow timely identification of rachitis. Another visit to the orthopedist should be scheduled in consequent six months. At 12 months the child moves a lot more and is preparing to take the first steps or has already done so, therefore it's important to see how the spine develops, what is the joints and foot arch condition.

If no serious problems are detected next scheduled appointment with an orthopedist must be when your child is 2-3 years old. Posture, gait, feet, legs and child proportions are examined.

How to get rid of flat feet with the help of orthopedic shoes

Wearing proper footwear is recommended since the time when the child learns to walk, that is, from 10-12 months. Particular attention should be paid to the selection of orthopedic footwear if there is a predisposition to flat feet (e.g. family history). These tips are not made in favor of producers of footwear but for obvious reasons: when a child learns to walk, to keep the balance he or she steps on the feet the wrong way. During this period feet of a modern little man does not receive the required exercises in the form of constant walking on uneven surfaces. It is important at this time to pay attention to feet posturing, which is exactly what proper footwear is designed to do.

Such footwear features:
• Special supporting insoles;
• Special beveled Thomas heels, which distribute the foot load;
• Hard enough high backs that prevent feet from “sliding”;
• Good locking fasteners;
• Sewn from natural and high-quality materials uppers;
• Special design of a shoe-tree, which is used to make shoes.

The next important point is feet exercises

Walking barefoot and Gymnastics

Not everyone knows how to get rid of flat feet by walking barefoot but it really works.

By walking barefoot we mean walking on uneven surfaces. Pebbles helps a lot. You can gather stones in a box and give the kid 10-15 minutes to walk on them. This exercise trains feet arches allowing them to form properly. It is also goo if the child regularly walks on warm earth or sand, but the best preventive effect is given by pebble. If you can not bring home pebble - excellent replacement will be massage mats for the prevention of flatfoot.
Gymnastics for the prevention of flatfoot is both useful and fun. Exercises are simple and if you want Mom or Dad can turn lessons into a game:

1. Walk with a child on his toes, then walk on your heels, then on the outside of the foot. Do this several times.
2. Scatter small balls or cubes (with smooth edges) across the floor and let the child pick them up using only toes. Cubes and balls can be replaced by other objects (such as pencils / pens), excluding, thus, the risk of injury to the foot.
3. Put a gymnastic stick to the floor, show your child how it can be rolled using feet and ask him to repeat this.

These are the most simple exercises, orthopedist may recommend a different set, but the main thing is proper and regular preventive effect on the baby's feet.

We tried to answer the question "how to prevent flat feet" as clearly as possible. These tips should help you start effective prevention actions and avoid the development of the disease, because then it is much more difficult to treat.

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